Qualifications to Rent a Home:

To qualify to rent a home you will need to fill out and complete a Kirschner Realty ApplicationThis application will allow Kirschner Realty Services to perform a credit check, criminal background check, employment, rental history and income verification.

Security Deposit:

The required security deposit is one full month’s rental fee for qualifying applicants plus $25.00 more than the rent for any property.

In the event you have less than perfect credit, the owner may require a double security deposit in order for you to qualify.

Length of Lease:

Our standard Lease is 12 months.  Shorter periods are subject to owner’s approval and Florida Statutes. The shortest lease our office will do is for a seven month period.

Funds to Take Possession:

When moving into the rental home, the security deposit MUST be paid in full in certified funds, cash or money order.  You must then pay any pet fee required and/or prorated or full rent due.


Rent is due on the first of the month, and late after the fifth.

Payment Method:

Except for the first month’s rent and security deposit, we accept checks, cashier’s check, cash, and money orders as payment.

Maintenance Requests and Repairs:

Tenants are required to maintain the home in good tenable condition.  This includes changing the A/C filters monthly as per the lease.  Tenants are responsible for damages caused by the tenant. Landlords are responsible to keep the home in good working order.


Some of our owners accept pets on the property.  There is a $50 pet application per pet and photos MUST be submitted of any pet residing on the premises.  There is a non-refundable $350 pet fee due for a dog or cat.