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Our Humble Origins

When we first established Kirschner Realty Services more than 35 years ago, we began selling single-family homes to buyers and investors. The sales market at the time was not doing well with inflation, high interest rates, etc. Many in our office said that they wished they had someone to handle their rentals for them. We stepped up to the plate and entered the property management field. From there, we began to manage a few homes, learned quite a bit along the way, and decided to begin our new adventure of managing properties full time! We began to solicit other Realtors in the area who also did not want to manage homes. Still today, we receive a great number of referrals from our fellow Realtors in the area, as well as homeowners whom we have managed properties for. We started off small, and 35 years later, we are managing more than 300 rentals.